Wild Rider Costa Rica 4x4 Car rental Insurance information.

You have heard horror stories about insurance and hidden fees with Costa Rican Car Rental companies? Are you concerned about choosing the wrong rental car insurance?

Don’t worry, WILD RIDER rent a car will help you to find the best protection for you.


At Wild Rider Costa Rica 4x4 Car rental , we offer our clients professional and comprehensive coverage at reasonable and competitive rates with no hidden fees. When renting a car, you will be given the option of choosing the coverage that best fits your needs.


Can I rent a car without insurance?

No, you cannot rent a car without insurance in Costa Rica. Even if you purchase private international insurance coverage for you and your family in your home country, Costa Rican law does not accept such plans for vehicle rentals.


Insurance coverage to meet your travel type

At Wild Rider Costa Rica 4x4 Car rental  we offer the perfect insurance coverage to give you the best choice for short-term and long- term- rental. We are Costa Rica’s most trustable Car Rental Company with hundreds of excellent reviews in TRIPADVISOR and GOOGLE and other Travel Forums.

We work directly with you, the client to determine what type of insurance you need for your holiday or business rental. We explain you clearly, which type of roads you can use, to stay with coverage. We explain you very clear and transparent which trails, rivers, beaches and bridges you cannot explore with our cars.  Stay on the safe side and do not risk your live or your health.


Is car rental insurance mandatory in Costa Rica?

Liability Protection Insurance (PLI) is mandatory

PLI or TPL is mandatory for all vehicle rentals in Costa Rica and provides limited liability coverage for incidents involving third parties. The PLI/TPL daily rate is included in your rental agreement and is non-negotiable.

For third-party property damages, Our WILD RIDER PLI/TPL covers up to $1.000.000 with a 20% deductible. The customers responsibility is maximum US$ 900. Note that the PLI/TPL does not cover any damages to the rental car itself.

In the event of injury or death of a third party not traveling in the rental car, your WILD RIDER PLI/TPL covers up to US $1.000.000 per accident with cero deductible.


Additional to this mandatory insurance you must choose between 2 different Loss and Damage Coverage types.

Loss and Damage Coverage (LDW = Loss Damage Waiver) with Roadside Assistance and a US$ 900 deductible

Our LDW coverage provides basic rental car coverage during the duration of your rental, including:

• LDW coverage waives the client’s financial responsibility in the event of a collision or roll-over, as well as other damages to the rental car.

• LDW provides coverage for partial or total theft of the vehicle in accordance with WILD RIDER terms and conditions.

• The LDW deductible, is $ 700/900 (depending on the car size)


Extended Protection Coverage (SPP) or Zero Deductible Supplement Insurance              

With WILD RIDER Supplemental Protection Plan (SPP), your concerns for safety and security are covered. Our SPP is a robust and comprehensive coverage that ensures our client’s needs are taken care of during their stay; it does not matter where you are. In an accident in the Corcovado Jungle or a fender-bender in downtown San José.

Our SPP ensures that your time in Costa Rica will be spent with confidence and peace of mind, no matter what happens on the road. WILD RIDER SPP coverage includes:

• Nation-wide 24/7 roadside assistance (not covered regular flat tires), including tow truck service.

• ZERO deductible. The PLI’s 20% deductible for third-party damages is waived.

• Insurance coverage is extended up to $5 million per event.

• Vandalism damages to the car are covered, including to the tires and windows.


Deposit on your Credit Card

A guarantee deposit is required for all vehicle rentals. Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit card are accepted. With some restrictions, Debit cards and cash are accepted. After the return of the vehicle, we’ll submit an electronic request to release your deposit. The funds will be available depending on the bank’s processing diligence (normally 3 days to 1 week).


How does car rental insurance work in Costa Rica?

One of the WILD RIDER Costa Rica 4x4 Car rental  representatives will assist you with the legal and financial process required for submitting a claim in the event of a collision, roll over, or damage to the vehicle. Examples of incident processing include vehicle appraisal, damage and downtime reports, repair reports, among others.

Clients must sign their claim so that we can assist with the credit card provider’s processing requirements.

If something happens, we are on your side.

What happens when something happens?

Please call WR first of all.

You have our emergency number.

Chill out.

If possible, take a few photos of the situation.

Assess the situation.

Are people injured?

If the is property damaged, how heavy seems it easy or medium?

Total loss?

If we talk about minor damage, let's talk to the other party involved in the accident.

Si descubrimos daños menores, no necesitamos policía ni seguro. Está permitido por ley liquidar daños menores en la calle.